Spring Weather

Well not really but yesterday was one of the best days NYC has seen in a couple of weeks.

I hit the streets from 2-5pm in Soho, then met a friend for coffee. I was wiped out after chasing all day, so I hit my bed early and went to spin class in the morning.

My stats for the day:

Sets: 9

Quick blowouts: 3

Boyfriend objection: 4

conversations: 2

Numbers: 0

Normally I would says that these stats are piss poor, but I was actually happy at the number of approaches. While I had the whole day to run game, I gave myself that three hour window from 2-5pm for game. I took a couple of tea breaks, one at La Colombe on Lafayette, which is one of my favorite spots. There are plenty of tourists and NYU girls to look at, and also a Soul Cycle right across the street, so traffic is respectable.

This winter has been rough weather wise. We have had some brutal cold which has made daygaming hard, but I try to stay positive. I have been trying to find wings, but it has been difficult, I rarely see guys out there, even Union Square is dead. I am thinking about starting some kind of meetup in the spring, this city needs a community back.

I bought a ticket to go to Tokyo, because it is a great city, and also the Japanese girls are my favorite. I know I need to start traveling more, but my business has kept me local. Time to get out there and make it happen. I leave in one week.

Today is Saturday and I plan on hitting it this afternoon. Upper East Side has been drawing me back lately, since 86th street has become a major shopping corridor with plenty of sets to open.

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